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Message from the Berkeley Chapter Directors

Greetings from the Berkeley InnoWorks chapter!

The InnoWorks summer camp, through a fun, unique, innovative, and handson approach, aims to spark an interest and curiosity in middle school students for a lifelong passion to pursue various paths in the fields of science, technology, engineering, math, and medicine (STEM2). We are hoping to successfully complete a great first year of scientific exploration and academic curiosity at the InnoWorks chapter of Berkeley, we are looking forward to hosting our first exemplary program this coming 2015 summer. The activities and experiments the students perform at the camp enable them to understand STEM2 from a direct and handson method rather than an abstract and theoretical approach.

This intimate, familyfriendly, and fun engagement with science, through practical applications of scientific topics, inspires a personal curiosity to drive the learning process. We incorporate recent cognitive science and behavioral studies when developing our curriculum, to provide the most effective learning methods As a result, students gain an understanding and appreciation of how the scientific world operates and the drive for innovation and discovery.We focus on students from an underprivileged background who lack such opportunities to learn in such a handson, experimental approach in their regular academic environments. This coming summer, the UC Berkeley Chapter hopes to provide an opportunity for additional students to develop an interest and curiosity for the sciences, as well as developing the drive for further exploration. We are committed to hosting not only an exciting, funfilled, and stimulating camp, but also to paving an academic foundation and motivation that will enable these students to pursue careers in STEM2 because of genuine interest.

We hope that the first year program of the UC Berkeley chapter will be successful and that we are able to instill a sense of excitement and passion for science in the future generation.

If you would like to learn more about our program at UC Berkeley, please contact us at berkeley@innoworks.org.

Christina Lin and Yvienne Tsui
2015 UC Berkeley InnoWorks Co-Directors

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Berkeley Chapter email: berkeley@innoworks.org

2017 Schedule Tentative

  • Berkeley InnoWorks
    August 14 - 18, 2017
    • 2016 Schedule Tentative

      • Berkeley InnoWorks
        August 15 - 19, 2016

      2015 Schedule Tentative

      • Berkeley InnoWorks
        August 17 - 21, 2015

Officers and Staff

Christina Lin
2014-2015 Co-Director
Christina is currently a fourth year student at UC Berkeley studying Chemical Biology more >>

Yvienne Tsui
2014-2015 Co-Director
I'm currently a junior studying Molecular and Cell Biology with an emphasis on Neurobiology more >>

Juwon (Jenny) Lee
2014-2015 Co-Deputy Director
I am currently a third year student at UC Berkeley studying Cell and Developmental more >>

Steve Shen
2014-2015 Co-Deputy Director
My name is Steve Shen. I am a 2nd year intended Integrative Biology major. I am from more >>

Helen Park
2014-2015 Chief Curriculum Officer
I am currently a fourth year undergraduate at UC Berkeley studying bioengineering. more >>

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