Ian Schwartz

2010 Associate Director

Ian M. Schwartz is a sophomore studying trumpet performance at Boston University.  While in high school, he participated in two youth orchestras as well as his school's music program.  He was also a dedicated member of the Science Olympiad team.  Although his first love was music, he has always had an interest in science and language.  He began his studies at Boston University in the University Professors program, an interdisciplinary program which allows its students to study several academic areas and then to write a thesis which links them together. He studied foreign languages, music, and cognitive science with an intent to explore music cognition and language. Upon deciding to pursue music full-time, Ian decided to transfer into the College of Fine Arts at Boston University.  He hopes to become a member of a professional orchestra in the future.

Ian enjoys cooking, which has enabled him to appreciate all types of food.  He likes Italian, Indian, Portuguese and Thai the most. Outside of playing trumpet, he enjoys all types of music and is always eager to attend a concert.  His favorite pastime is playing Stratego.  He also likes to compose music of his own and is in the midst of writing a violin sonata for his roommate Nikhil, the director of the Boston University chapter of InnoWorks.

InnoWorks is a Winner of the 2007 BRICK Awards