Colin Mitts

2010 Associate Director

Colin Mitts is a junior at Boston University in the College of Arts and Sciences, where he is studying pure and applied mathematics with minors in economics and visual arts.† He was born in the agricultural region of California near the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Colinís interest in science began at a very young age, when he would launch rockets and admire nature in his hometownís diverse and fertile biomes. Colin attended his freshman year of high school at Northfield Mount Hermon School in northwestern Massachusetts.† He transferred to Stevenson School on the central coast of California in Pebble Beach and graduated in 2006 as an AP Scholar. It was in high school that Colinís passion for science was confirmed. As a high school student, Colin became passionate about science, inspired by his teachersí devotion and enthusiasm for learning and teaching. It is this experience that drove Colin to join the InnoWorks family.

Colin has pursued science well beyond the scope of the classroom. During the summer of 2005, he volunteered for the Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Laboratory, where he helped collect specimens and perform experiments for the Palatability and antipredator response of Yosemite Toad to nonnative brook trout in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California.†

In addition to science, Colin is also interested in politics and law. This past summer he interned in Washington DC with Congressman Devin Nunes of the 21st congressional District of California.††

This coming summer, along with helping to organize the first program session of Bostonís Innoworks he will also be doing research in dynamic systems under the guidance of Robert L. Devaney of Boston University.

Upon graduation, Colin intends to pursue a career as a quantitative analyst. He eventually plans to become a patent lawyer and work with scientists and engineers to share their discoveries with the world.

InnoWorks is a Winner of the 2007 BRICK Awards