Ambar Mehta

2010 Director

Ambar Mehta is a sophomore undergraduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Upon graduating, he plans to pursue either an MD or a combined MD-PhD degree.

Ambar graduated Salutatorian of his class at J.P. Taravella high school where he was actively involved in several community service projects. His projects ranged from collecting beanie babies for children in Baghdad, fundraising for the 2004 South Asian Tsunami victims and working with his brother to design and begin implementing a microcredit program for transgendered individuals in New Delhi, India.

Ambar spent the summer after his sophomore year in a virtual reality research lab at the University of Florida. He designed and began experimentation of his own project, which investigated if individuals had the same racial biases towards virtual people as they did towards real people. This past winter, Ambar worked in a physical chemistry lab at the University of Chicago studying the dynamics of the photolytic generation and product branching of radical intermediates in chemical reactions. He is currently working in the Lindquist Lab at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, where he is investigating the differential effects of nutritional sources on alpha-synuclein induced toxicity, a protein implicated in Parkinsonís Disease.

In addition to his volunteer efforts and his research, Ambar excelled in mathematics, ranking first in the state of Florida his freshman year in the Pre-Calculus division of Mu Alpha Theta. He was captain of the Calculus team for three years and completed several college level mathematics, science and economics courses before arriving at MIT. Ambar also collaborated with engineers at Motorola and earned numerous awards in FIRST robotics competitions, including the Xerox Creativity Award at the Southeast regional competition in 2006. Ambar was on the Varsity Tennis team throughout his four years in high school, competed in ballroom dance competitions and has been playing the violin for 6 years.

Class of 2012

InnoWorks is a Winner of the 2007 BRICK Awards