Bolin Niu

Bolin Niu is a junior at Duke University majoring in Biology with a concentration Cell and Molecular Biology. She is also obtaining minors in Chemistry and English. Bolin graduated as valedictorian from Berkmar High School and received the Georgia Music Teachers Association Superior Piano Performer Award. She is a National Merit Scholar, National AP Scholar, and first place essay winner of the 2004 High School Literary Arts Competition.

At Duke, Bolin has participated in the Howard Hughes Research Fellows Program, performing biological research on the effect of nutrition on hemolymph sugar composition and wing disk growth in Manduca sexta and Precis coenia. She currently conducts research in Dr. Christopher Nicchitta's cell biology lab, where Bolin studies the unfolded protein response in procarbazine-resistant brain tumors. In her first year at Duke, Bolin rowed for the novice women's crew team. Now, in her free time, she volunteers at the Duke Hospital Pediatric Blood and Marrow Transplant Unit and writes for The Chronicle.

Class of 2008

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