Winston Wey

2009 Staff

Winston is most proud of his reputation of being the 'buff Asian dude' on Penn's campus. And to live up to that reputation (and to continue to scare the bejeezes out of poor, innocent freshmen), he can be found for most of the waking hours of the day, that is between 9am and 5pm and sometimes even during class, at the Pottruck Gym.

When he's not utilizing all four floors of our amazingly well-equipped exercise facility, he can be found chugging down protein shakes and flexing his powerful deltoids, flashing his 8-pack abs, and bouncing his pecs at all the admiring ladies.

Ultimately, Winston's not just a 200-pound musclehead with no finesse. That's right! Winston's also an accomplished two-year veteran of the graceful and yet very provocative West Philly Swingers dance troupe! And if he's not body-building or dipping lovely ladies, Winston can be found doing what he does best--keeping his awesome judo skills in check--yes ladies and gentlemen, those jaw-dropping pins and throws that earned him the title of the US National Judo Triple Crown Champion!

With his amazing body and a brain to match, it's no wonder that his goal is pre-medicine (just like every other Asian on campus). So watch out for Doctor Winston-ator, because his next patient just might be you!

InnoWorks is a Winner of the 2007 BRICK Awards