Nancy Wang

2009 Staff

Zhicong (Nancy) Wang is a rising junior at the University of Pennsylvania. College life for Nancy is a combination of two of the following: sleep, partying, and studying. It's obvious what Nancy does... and it ain't sleeping. How else could she be both an acclaimed Benjamin Franklin Scholar as well as a great tea party thrower?

Tackling two majors at Penn (Bioengineering and European History) and simultaneously being published for her work in professional magazines without breaking a sweat, Nancy also loves to throw countless parties for her closest friends as well as anyone willing to tolerate her Midwestern charm extraordinaire.

The Wanger is a powerful defiant of all things stereotypical, from Asian to Midwestern to female, and takes great pride in that fact. Her aspirations are to go to law school, become a patent lawyer, later enter politics, and finally come back to Penn to revamp Penn Dining after retirement. She's proves, beyond a doubt, that you can have your cake and eat it too (cake being one of her favorite food of all time).

When she’s not busy volunteering at the local Penn Alexander Elementary School or planning conferences for Ivy Council, Nancy loves to play tennis, swim, and have fun with her friend. As a mentor at the recently concluded Duke InnoWorks camp, Nancy had so much fun with all the students and is looking forward to doing it again at the UPenn chapter.

InnoWorks is a Winner of the 2007 BRICK Awards