Erik Barbara

Erik Barbara is a senior at the University of Michigan studying Computer Science and Spanish. He is passionate about education, and after graduation he will pursue a career in teaching primary or secondary school.

Outside of school he loves to be outdoors or to read a good book. Better yet he loves to read a good book while being outdoors! Erik also relishes the challenge of finishing monstrous burritos that have the same mass as a small dinosaur. His sophisticated musical tastes usually stun most people and leave them speechless. Yes, Erik is a passionate fan of country music.

Erik also loves travel. This past summer before the InnoWorks camp, he spent two months in South America traveling throughout Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil. The highlight of his trip was the opportunity to spend part of June and July in an orphanage in Brazil serving as a mentor to high-risk adolescents. The recently concluded Michigan InnoWorks camp was a blast, and Erik is looking forward to making next year's camp even better!

InnoWorks is a Winner of the 2007 BRICK Awards