Hans Yadav

InnoWorks Member

Hans Yadav is a junior studying Neuroscience and Economics. While his career aspirations are not solidified, he knows that he definitely wants to change the world - whether it be going to medical school or opening a chain of all-you-can-eat buffets at cheap prices! He loves kids and devotes a great portion of his time serving them through his leadership in such University of Michigan on-campus organizations as Northside Ballers and FIMRC.

Recently Hans served as a Staff Member at the University of Michigan 2009 Innoworks summer camp. It was a blast! He absolutely loved teaching talented young students to realize their potential and become more involved with science.

Schoolwork aside, Hans is an avid football fan and master chef. While his cooking skills have yet to progress past microwave mac-n-cheese, he enjoys experimenting with different foods ... even if it means putting out the occasional kitchen fire!

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