Omar Hadzipasic

2012 Co-Director, 2011 Director

My name is Omar Hadzipasic and I am a junior at Hopkins majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Anthropology. I joined the Innoworks team because I want to give kids the opportunity to explore the field of science in a way that utilizes their creativity and engages the student with these scientific concepts in a fun and educational way. Ever since I was little, Iíve always loved science. Whether it was learning about dinosaurs, watching Bill Nye the Science Guy, or mixing chemicals with my first chemistry set, thereís something about the wonder of science that has always appealed to me. During high school, I joined the Science Team and Robotics Team in order to further satisfy my scientific curiosity. Now Iím at Hopkins pursuing a scientific field, and am planning to attend medical school and become a doctor. This sequence of events would have never been possible if the opportunities to explore science in these ways had not existed. Therefore, offering these children similar opportunities that I had growing up to explore such a fascinating and rewarding field is ultimately why this program is so crucial for an educational foundation for these children.

In the past, Iíve worked with kids at a local summer camp as a counselor for 3 years back in Boston where I live. These kids ranged from ages 5-12, and with the programs we designed, it was a great experience every year for both the kids and the counselors. Working at this camp was part of the reason why I decided to participate in a project that involved kids. The structure and variety of the camp that we designed and implemented really enabled the kids to have a fun experience. Iíve also done other volunteer activities such as playing in jazz and orchestra concerts in parades, for the elderly, in fundraisers for the performing arts, volunteering at Mass General Hospital, running soccer clinics for children, participating in can and bottle drives, and community projects in Baltimore. All these experiences add an element to my life that you canít learn about in a textbook, and give me a sense of fulfillment unparalleled to anything else, which is what motivates me to pursue and participate in these programs.

On a personal note, I grew up and lived in Massachusetts and lived in Westwood, a suburb of Boston, for the majority of my life. Both my parents came to America as immigrants from Turkey and Bosnia with the intention of giving me the best educational opportunity available, so I could pursue any path I chose if I worked hard enough. I love playing soccer and music and in my free time I like to spend time with friends, watching movies, playing chess, and playing sports. At Hopkins, Iím part of Amnesty International (a human rights organization), play intramural soccer, and work as a lab member of the Hilser and Moudrianakis MCB/Biophysics Laboratories. Also, Iíve worked at MIT in the Gabrieli Laboratory in the Brain and Cognitive Science Department for two years.

InnoWorks is a Winner of the 2007 BRICK Awards