Ian Hao

2012 Co-Director, 2011 Social Recruiting Chair, 2010 Publicity Chair

Ian Hao is a Biology major, class of 2013 at Duke University Trinity School of Arts and Sciences. Ian is from Franklin, Tennessee, and graduated from Ravenwood High School. Community involvement has played an integral part of his life since middle school, and Ian plans to pursue a career in medicine so that he may continue helping those in need throughout his life.

Ian has been involved in the Innoworks program at Duke since his freshman year, serving as both Publicity and Social Outreach Chair in the past. Ian is astounded by the many bright students he meets with a genuine interest in the sciences during the week-long camp, as well as the impact of the program on them. He is glad to have found a program that combines community involvement and the sciences, and hopes to see the continued success of Innoworks at Duke University.

InnoWorks is a Winner of the 2007 BRICK Awards