Jerry Lou

2011 Mentor, Curriculum Officer

Jerry Lou is currently a first year neuroscience undergraduate at UCLA. He is serving as a mentor and curriculum officer for the UCLA InnoWorks program.

During high school, Jerry was a member of the varsity tennis team, symphony orchestra, and treasurer for the local American Red Cross High School chapter. He found a passion in teaching during his rising Junior year summer as a recreation tennis coach spending about four hours per week guiding young players in the exciting sport of tennis.

The following summer brought Jerry into the mesmerizing world of science and research as a research volunteer working in Dr. William H. Yong’s lab in the division of Neuropathology. His initial research project focused on developing a technology called radio-frequency identification tags which are currently used in retail stores such as Wal-mart to track their products. His paper evaluating whether these innovative tags could help automate work and eliminate need for human labor in pathology labs was published in the Journal of Pathology Informatics. He is currently assisting research on a newly discovered enzyme involved in brain cancers and pursuing an independent project on rapid immunohistochemistry, a technology that can allow pathologists to make immediate in-operation cancer diagnoses. Jerry was named to his high school’s Principal’s Recognition Honor Roll and AP Scholar with Distinction.

At UCLA, in addition to volunteering in InnoWorks, Jerry currently serves on the Triage committee of the Global Medical Brigades UCLA chapter, volunteers as a research associate in the Student Stroke Team, and is an active member of the local Asian American Christian Fellowship (AACF).

In his free time, Jerry enjoys playing tennis, practicing the violin, and skiing during the winter. An avid globe trekker, Jerry has gone to exotic destinations such as Tanzania, Kenya, Egypt, China, France, Britain, and Israel. This summer he plans to participate as a medical volunteer with Medical Brigades in Honduras to aid local villagers who lack access to medical care.

InnoWorks is a Winner of the 2007 BRICK Awards