Nikita Sinha

2012 Director

Nikita Sinha is a junior undergraduate student at Caltech. Upon graduating, she plans to pursue either an MD or a combined MD-PhD Degree.

Nikita’s passion for the sciences has never been in doubt. Nikita was first exposed to the exciting world of research through the SHARP program at UC Berkley where she worked on designing a revolutionary new approach to making computers with nanomagnets. She was amazed by the impacts of this technology which could tremendously reduce power consumption in computers and allow for the design of supercomputers. Having found the endeavor to create new knowledge intellectually challenging and satisfying, she further pursued this passion for research through the SIMR program at Stanford’s Cardiovascular Institute. Her project involved optimization of an allele-specific silencing construct for the therapy of a hypertrophic cardiomyopathy mutation. This research at Stanford sparked her interest in the biological sciences, and so immediately upon entering Caltech, she joined Dr. Baltimore’s lab and started working on a project studying the physiological role of microRNA-125b in hematopoiesis and immunity. However, she feels that the pursuit of knowledge and excellence is meaningless unless it is used for the benefit of a cause. She has tried to make her pursuit meaningful this way by sharing her knowledge with others through community service.

Nikita graduated Cum Laude from the Harker School in San Jose where she was actively involved in several community service projects. Her projects ranged from raising money to buy chickens for refugee families in Darfur to working with the Aid to Children without Parents charity to build a new school for disadvantaged children in Cambodia. She loves to share her excitement for the sciences with younger students in hopes that they will be as inspired as she was. She has volunteered as a counselor for a number of difference science summer camps with Genius Kids, YMCA, Academic Center of Excellence, and Caltech’s very own Young Engineering and Science Scholars program. She plans on continuing to pursue this interest through InnoWorks.

Outside of research and community service, Nikita was also captain of the Model United Nations team and attended many debate tournaments. During her senior year of high school, her team won first place in the Junior Engineering and Technical Society competition. She was a National AP Scholar and a member of the National Honors Society. At Caltech, Nikita serves as a Health Advocate for her house, an editor for the Caltech Yearbook, and a dedicated member of the Ultimate team. In her free time, Nikita enjoys Kathak, a classical Indian dance, and playing the guitar.

InnoWorks is a Winner of the 2007 BRICK Awards