Misha Raffiee

2013-2014 Director, 2013 Co-Deputy Director, 2012 Chief Funding Officer

Misha Raffiee is a senior at Caltech double majoring in Bioengineering and Business Economics and Management. She has previously served as Deputy Director, Chief Funding Officer, and mentor for Caltech InnoWorks since becoming involved in the program in 2011. As Caltech InnoWorks Director, Misha hopes to pass on her passion for teaching and research in STEM^2 fields to future generations of InnoWorkers and aims to provide students with outstanding opportunities in STEM^2 to develop a foundation for future goals and careers.

Misha has been active in community service projects from a young age. She has spent countless hours volunteering at her local Veteranís Affairs Hospital, was heavily involved with her high school community service club, and initiated a science tutoring center at her high school. Since coming to Caltech, Misha performed regularly in a classical chamber group at the Huntington Memorial Hospital, has been involved with volunteer projects around the Pasadena community through the Caltech Y, and since 2013, has been working to develop a low-cost diabetes diagnostic device for rural communities in India.

Misha has also been involved in science policy and initiatives to strengthen STEM education programs on a national level. In 2012, Misha was awarded a Beckman Political Internship through Caltech to pursue a policy internship in Senate Majority Leader Harry Reidís office in Washington DC. Through this internship, she provided support on a number of scientific issues and consulted on the Senator-sponsored STEM Smart Conference in Las Vegas geared towards strengthening K-12 education in STEM fields.

Misha found a passion for research while working as an NSF/NEES Undergraduate Research Fellow at the University of Nevada, Reno and has continued developing this passion as an Undergraduate Research Fellow in the lab of Dr. Frances Arnold and as an Amgen Scholar at Caltech. She has been an invited presenter at the NSF Young Researcherís Symposium at the University of Illinois, Champaign, at the United States Senate, and at NSF for the 2011 National Hazards Expo. She also authored a front-page headlining article on the NSF website and has been published on the LiveScience website through a partnership with NSF.

Outside community service and research, Misha is the concertmaster of the Caltech-Occidental Symphony Orchestra, sits on numerous faculty-student committees at Caltech, and is a member of the Tau Beta Pi engineering honor society. She also enjoys swimming, playing water polo, cooking, and web design.

InnoWorks is a Winner of the 2007 BRICK Awards