Brook Jeang

2013 Co-Deputy Director, 2012 Co-Deputy Director

Brook Jeang is a Junior at the Johns Hopkins University double majoring in Materials Science and Engineering and Applied Mathematics and Statistics hailing from Southern California. Despite being interested in science ever since she was little, it wasn’t until high school that Brook realized that she truly wanted to study engineering in college. It may sound hard to believe, but one day, while volunteering at a hospital making rounds pushing a hospitality cart through wards, Brook stumbled upon an edition of National Geographic in which the main feature was on biomimicry. Upon reading through the feature and reading up a bit more at home, she was hooked on how much “innovation” engineers and scientists alike derive from nature. Now, at Hopkins, she is pursuing a Biomaterials concentration in the Materials Science and Engineering department.

Brook’s interests in teaching stemmed from her experiences as a science, math, and language arts tutor for local elementary students in high school. Additionally, she was heavily involved with the Global Compassion Project (GCP), a non-profit student-run organization dedicated to bringing high school and college students from America to China to teach English and leadership skills to Pearl students. Pearl students are those who score in the top percentile for nation-wide college and high school entrance exams but are unable to continue pursuing their educations due to socioeconomic circumstances. Brook previously served as a team leader, member of the Board of Student Directors, and leadership coach in GCP. Her projects included organizing a library of 2,000 books that were donated to the city of Pinghu and establishing the Pearls Talk writing program, in which Pearls all across China submit essays written in English that are edited and judged by an American team that then puts together the winning entries in a newsletter that is distributed across the country to all Pearls and donors whose contributions help send these students to back to school. Having taught in China three summers, Brook has seen and come to realize firsthand just how valuable and fundamental education is.

At Hopkins, Brook is a brother of the Theta Delta chapter of Theta Tau, the nation’s oldest and largest engineering fraternity, and is currently chapter Vice Regent. Additionally, Brook is co-president of the Inter-Asian Council. She previously worked as a teaching assistant for math and English classes at the Academy for College and Career Exploration in Baltimore.

With her many experiences working with students and teaching, Brook joins the InnoWorks team at Hopkins with the hope that she can incorporate her passion for science and engineering in a fun, educational atmosphere that will inspire the kids who participate in the camp to explore the world around them with science in mind!

InnoWorks is a Winner of the 2007 BRICK Awards