Karen Man

2013 Co-Deputy Director, 2012 Mentor

Major: Bioengineering Minors: Chemistry, Biological Basis of Behavior Graduating Year: 2014

Activities: Science and Technology Wing (STWING) Alpha Omega Epsilon (engineering sorority) Engineering Research Peer Advisors

Research: Marks Lab (Perelman Medical School, Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome, 2011-2012) Meaney Lab (Bioengineering Department, Traumatic Brain Injury, 2012-present)

Likes: medium-rare steak, Regina Spektor, cucumber-scented lotion, tuxedo cats, kite-flying Dislikes: squeaky boots, blue cheese, cockroaches (MORTAL ENEMY)

Excited for innoworks because: I have volunteered with Innoworks in the past and loved it. The kids have fun with the activities, and I have fun helping them have fun. I also really believe that the program helps in reaching out to children about science and engineering, banishing the common social barriers of "science is boring," "engineering is geeky," "learning is for nerds," etc., that are so prevalent during the middle school years. Plus, watching teams of children launch projectiles into the sky or from three-story-high staircases is better than TV. In my opinion.

InnoWorks is a Winner of the 2007 BRICK Awards