Melissa Wu

2011-2012 Mentor

Melissa Wu is a junior at the University of Michigan, majoring in Health Science Informatics. She's came to Michigan from Texas so it was only recently that she discovered what "real" snow was. Even though this is her first year at InnoWorks, she enjoys working with kids and spends most of her summer at different kind of camps. Last summer she worked at this awesome art camp called Tips on Art, where they used recycled materials to create art. She also taught English to kids overseas in Asia. Her other hobbies include reading, running with her dog, cooking and walking around Main Street. 

Her current goals are to graduate and get into the School of Public Health here in Michigan and travel to Europe, Australia and Africa. Recently she enjoys volunteering at the Umich hospital with the Hospital Elder Life Program. 

InnoWorks is a Winner of the 2007 BRICK Awards