Neeli Mishra

2013 Co-Deputy Director

Neeli Mishra is a junior undergraduate at Caltech. She is a bioengineering major with a strong interest in neuroscience. After graduating, she plans to attend graduate school and pursue a PhD.

Neeli has always been interested in science and engineering. As a member of her school’s Science Olympiad and Science Bowl teams, Columbia University Science Honors Program and the THINK Summer Institute, she was exposed to a variety of interesting fields including astronomy, biochemistry and engineering. However, she became involved in the exciting world of research as a sophomore in high school. She joined Dr. Benjamin A. Garcia’s proteomics laboratory at Princeton University, where she learned to use quantitative mass spectrometry for proteomic analysis of protein expression in chromatin and other proteins. She carried out a wide range of projects over her high school years, leading to publications in peer-reviewed journals and awards in the Intel ISEF, Intel STS and Siemens competitions. She deeply enjoyed exploring scientific problems, creating hypotheses, constructing experiments and generating data. For this reason, she was overjoyed to attend Caltech, where she had access to countless labs conducting exciting research. She spent her last summer working at Janelia Farm Research Campus, designing and characterizing a device to investigate the escape behavior and neural circuitry of the mechanosensory system of Drosophila. Neeli currently works in Dr. David J. Anderson’s lab at Caltech, determining how different sensory states are represented in the brain of Drosophila.

Apart from her interest in science, Neeli has spent much of her time giving back to the community. As a high school student, she led the Red Cross of Central New Jersey’s Youth Council and organized a Dance-a-Thon fundraising event to raise $24,000 for the Measles Initiative. She also worked at the Princeton Medical Center as youth volunteer in the radiology and admissions departments. At Caltech, she has volunteered for the Southern California Science Bowl competition, assisting in moderating, scorekeeping and time keeping for regional competitions. She has also blogged for the Caltech Admissions Office, sharing her experiences at Caltech with potential Caltech applicants. As the deputy co-director of Caltech’s InnoWorks chapter, Neeli hopes to share her love and excitement for science with younger students.

In her free time, Neeli has enjoyed serving on her house’s executive committee as Social Director. She has also helped the Admission’s Office organize Prefrosh Weekend, served as an Upperclassman Camp Counselor for orientation week and held various jobs on campus. Neeli enjoys dancing, electronic music and photography.

InnoWorks is a Winner of the 2007 BRICK Awards