Monisha Dilip

2013 Co-Director, 2012 Co-Chief Curriculum Officer

Monisha Dilip is currently a junior at Caltech. She is majoring in biology, with a concentration in neuroscience and developmental biology. A student in the Caltech-UCSD Medical Scholars program, she plans to join UCSD medical school upon graduating Caltech in 2014.

In previous years, she has been involved in InnoWorks as a Co-Chief Curriculum Officer in its first year at Caltech, the 2011-12 school year, and is now a Co-Director of the Caltech chapter. She enjoys working with kids and has been working in various service capacities for some time. Previously, she has created an internet center for the visually (and otherwise) impaired in Chennai, India and has been named a Girl Scouts Young Woman of Distinction for her efforts.

In school, she has been doing research in the lab of Dr. Marianne Bronner, studying immune development and cranio-facial development of lampreys. Her interests lie largely in neuroscience and developmental biology and she would ideally like to continue some research in the field after graduation, as well as medical school.

Outside of school, Monisha likes various crafts, such as sewing and cooking. She is currently TAing a cooking class at Caltech and consideres drawing and cooking two of the most relaxing activities at Caltech.

InnoWorks is a Winner of the 2007 BRICK Awards