Matan Setton

2006 Director

Matan Setton is a senior majoring Biomedical Engineering major at Duke University. After volunteering as a staff member for the 2005 InnoWorks "Making Sense of Senses" Program, he served as the Director for the 2006 Duke InnoWorks "Explorations Program." Matan is a Pratt Undergraduate Research Fellow and works for Dr. Roger Nightingale and Dr. Barry Myers in the Duke University Injury Orthopedic and Biomechanics Laboratory, studying the constitutive properties of the pediatric synchondrosis. Matan has volunteered at the hospital and has spent the past couple of years shadowing two pediatric neurosurgeons and more recently a pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon. Matan was recently inducted to Tau Beta Pi engineering honor society. Matan enjoys the thrill of sky diving and rock climbing and is a former member of the club Water Polo team at Duke.

Class of 2007
Biomedical Engineer

InnoWorks is a Winner of the 2007 BRICK Awards