Kevin Junus

2013 Chief Recruitment Officer

Kevin is currently a fourth-year undergraduate Psychobiology major studying psychobiology, and serves as the Chief Recruitment Officer for UCLA's InnoWorks.

Kevin has developed a passion for science through his experiences at UCLA. Aside from a deep interest in his major, he has developed a love for science by being involved in research on campus. Kevin has been doing research in the Sun laboratory since the end of his sophomore year, where he studies neurogenesis in mice models, along with epigenetics and gene regulation.

Throughout his college experience, Kevin has always been passionate about helping those who come from a disadvantaged background, regardless of age or race. As a part of APA Health CARE, Kevin has truly realized at the amount of disadvantaged people who need access to proper health care while assisting in their health screenings. In conduction with the UCLA physician, Dr. Giza, Kevin helped find resources for children who suffered from Traumatic Brain Injuries, hoping to provide individuals more guidance in dealing with the effects of Traumatic Brain Injury.

In his free time, Kevin enjoys playing basketball and badminton, playing the guitar, and is an avid photographer. He plans to apply to medical school in June 2013.

InnoWorks is a Winner of the 2007 BRICK Awards