Antonella Tellez

2013-2014 Co-Deputy Director, 2012-2013 Mentor

Antonella was born in Lima, Peru. She moved to South Florida at age three and to the DC Area in Maryland at age fifteen. She is currently a sophomore at Johns Hopkins University majoring in Applied Mathematics and Statistics. Even though she is not clear on what will be in her future she would like to develop a professional career in which she can contribute to society and to have as much impact in improving the lives of the people in need.

She first started volunteering for the United InnoWorks Academy in High school as a volunteer for the Headquarters in helping organize registration data, survey data, format statistical data, and manage desk information. After having experience through InnoWorks Headquarters and learning from her sister, Lucia Tellez, who started the chapter at Hopkins, she was eager to join InnoWorks when she started college.

She had the privilege to not only be elected chief financial officer and participate as an active member throughout the year but also to be a mentor for the summer camp in 2013. She hopes to continue to be an active member as well as to improve the camp at Hopkins so that it can become better for students and mentors in the subsequent years.

InnoWorks is a Winner of the 2007 BRICK Awards