Daniel Shinn

2013-2014 Co-Deputy Director

Hi there! My name is Daniel Shinn and I am a sophomore at Johns Hopkins University, studying Biomedical Engineering with a pre-medical track. The primary reason that I was drawn to InnoWorks was because I believe many more students can and should be more passionate about science! Not only can knowledge about Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM) help in research and academics, but it completely changes our perspective on the physical world around us and no child or adult should be deprived of this. I found InnoWorks to be a wonderful way to help engage the younger students in simply experiments to teach them the fundamentals of science.

I have spent countless hours working my local church working with elementary and middle school students and they still prove to be a blessing to me, regardless of how well-behaved they are. I realized that if I can have such a strong impact in places like Alaska and Belize, what should stop me from sharing my passion for science to those around Homewood campus. For church mission trips, I taught Bible stories and helped in many community service projects, so working with new and younger students is something I look forward to. Even now, I am still surprised by elementary science experiments and it gets even better when there are people around me enjoying the same science in action.

Iím the oldest of four kids, so I will always be surrounded by people younger than me, while helping them with their homework. Not everyone is good at communicating difficult topics but I believe the Hopkins InnoWorks chapter is more than capable and Iím excited and privileged to be a part of this movement. During my work experience with Kumon, a tutoring service, Iíve witnessed very young kids driven by academics and that is something quite valuable and can use help to grow that passion.

Knowledge is useless without application, so I know that my involvement with organizations like InnoWorks and Engineering World Health (EWH) will reveal the power the science in our lives.

InnoWorks is a Winner of the 2007 BRICK Awards