Vansh Kumar

2013-2014 Co-Chief Curriculum Officer

Vansh Kumar is currently a sophomore at Caltech. He is double majoring in Applied Computational Mathematics and Computer Science. This is his second year with InnoWorks, having mentored during the camp the previous year. He is excited to be able to contribute to the curriculum directly and has many ideas for cool experiments to do.

Vansh volunteered extensively during high school, tutoring elementary school students in Spanish, teaching them math and science. He is also involved in other volunteering activities at Caltech, running a tutoring/Science Olympiad coaching program for a local elementary school, where volunteers also perform science experiments, similar to InnoWorks.

Outside of volunteering, Vansh is interested in entrepreneurship and startups, and is involved in organizing entrepreneurial events for the community. He also loves to play sports, including frisbee, tennis, cricket, you name it, and is very interested in learning foreign languages.

InnoWorks is a Winner of the 2007 BRICK Awards