Vivek Balamurugan

2014-2015 Co-curriculum Officer

Vivek is currently a sophomore at university of Texas at Austin and is currently debating majoring in either computer science or mechanical engineering.

This will be Vivek's first year at Innoworks and he is eager to help. After teaching children in Dallas, he is eager to help out in a way at Austin. In Dallas, he volunteered at a tutoring center for children and was assigned the role as one who would help the kids with homework. He is currently a member of the Indian Cultural Association and actively volunteers at events such as Diwali or Jhalak. During the previous year, he aided the publicity committee that was part of a Career Fair.

Vivek enjoys learning new ways to wear scarves as a fashion statement or for fun. He eats spicy food and loves to cool down with a bowl of ice cream scooped on top of freshly made brownies layered under hot fudge.

InnoWorks is a Winner of the 2007 BRICK Awards