Andy Chen

2007/2008 Deputy Director

Andy Chen is a sophomore majoring in Bioengineering. He is currently the Deputy Director with the new InnoWorks chapter at Penn. At Penn, Andy has done cancer research in the Biomedical Research Labs. He was also recently elected to the Penn Sophomore Class Boards as the sole representative of the Engineering School. Having played piano for over fifteen years, Andy has also competed and performed in musical performance competitions at Penn, having played classics such as Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue . At his high school, Andy was a prefect, the highest possible honor given to a student. In this leadership role, he organized the school blood drive, helped determined the proper course of action for students who committed academic dishonesty, and helped developed community service projects. Andy has won numerous academic awards including the National AP Scholar Award, the American Chemical Society scholarship award, the Bohdi Scholarship, and the National Latin Exam Gold Medal. Andy has also been greatly involved in the community, having devoted over 200 hours to the Tzu-Chi Chinese school, over 50 hours to help build computers for underprivileged Houston high school students, and time as a member of the Houston Red Cross Leadership Council member. His accomplishments have been greatly recognized by his school and community, as he was a top finalist for the NAAAP-Houston College Scholarship and a recipient of the Headmaster's community service award. Andy enjoys classical music and takes advantage of the cheap student voucher tickets that the Philadelphia Orchestra offers.

Class of 2009

InnoWorks is a Winner of the 2007 BRICK Awards