Amanda Peters

Funding Committee

Amanda Peters, a sophomore at the University of Arizona from Longmont, CO, has just begun leading the chapterís Funding Committee. A pharmacy-MCB (molecular & cellular biology) double major and chemistry minor, she graduated as the single most involved person at Longmont High School. Her involvements in high school include serving as the Student Body Treasurer, co-founding the local chapter of district Interact/ "Students-to-Students ASAP," co-founding the Boulder County Youth Political Action Coalition (BYPAC), and assistant coaching the forensics (speech and debate) team while competing at a national level for two consecutive years. She also served on the Principal's Advisory Committee, acting as 1 of 3 student advisers, and the EPYCS council, distributing grants to various non-profit organizations across the country. In addition to her hectic academic schedule she held two jobs throughout high school; one as the Guest Services Manager at the Texas Roadhouse and the other as the Kid's Party Planner at Mrs. Toad's Toys. Her constant involvement in Longmont High school and the community earned her the titles of rotary student of the month, Longmont High student of the term, and Longmont High Homecoming Queen.

At the U of A, Amanda's life is seemingly consumed by science; seeing as all of the general education classes are now complete and she spends her spare time serving as a Chemistry Lab Grader or in a pre-pharmacy club meeting. She does, however, have interests extending beyond science, reflected in her involvement in Arizona Allegiance (U of A's only official spirit club), The Charles Darwin Experience (U of A's only all-Improv comedy club), and the Zeta Beta chapter of Chi Omega. She looks forward to the opportunity of mentoring underprivileged young adults in the field of science and cannot wait to get the University of Arizona's InnoWorks Chapter up and running!

Pharmacy / Molecular & Cellular Biology

InnoWorks is a Winner of the 2007 BRICK Awards