Daniel Kaplan

Member, Board of Directors

Ever since high school, Dan has been involved in mentoring programs. He sacrificed his lunch period to tutor fellow students in math, and worked at a local Solomon Schecter with handicapped students in their own version of the "Special Olympics." This dedication to being a positive role model has continued during his time at Duke. During his freshman year, Dan was a participant in Project Child, serving as a mentor for economically disadvantaged and academically "at risk" middle school students in the Durham community. Additionally, Dan spent a semester working with children at George Watts Elementary School to develop a picture book that remains in the school library to this day.

It is no surprise, then, that Dan brings the experience and enthusiasm he has always had to an organization like InnoWorks. Present from the beginning, Dan has been an integral founding member of the organization. In it's first year, Dan was both a mentor at the very first InnoWorksprogram in Potomac, Maryland, as well as the Chief Fundraising Officer. In 2005, he accepted even more responsibilities by helping to develop the Hearing Day curriculum and serve as the Co-Director of the Duke Chapter as well as a staffer at the University of Maryland program. He continues in his capacity as Chief Fundraising Officer to this day and is excited about InnoWorks' continued expansion. Dan graduated from Duke University in May 2006, earning a BSE in Biomedical and Electrical Engineering and is now a research assistant at Columbia University.

InnoWorks is a Winner of the 2007 BRICK Awards