Your Donation at Work:

Your support will keep InnoWorks free for all deserving students, helping to deepen their love for learning and expand their horizons.

InnoWorks is uniquely leveraging the grass-roots energy of university students to benefit local communities:

  1. InnoWorks programs are offered entirely free of charge for all underserved students nominated by local school systems.
  2. InnoWorks mentors are passionate college volunteers from around the country; the students looking up to them as older brothers and sisters.
  3. The mentors and staff benefit significantly as leaders, entreprenaurers, and communicators.
  4. InnoWorks curricula are created, tested, and written by the volunteer leaders to “turn-on” middle-school students to learning and the “scientific” mindset; InnoWorks does not use standard texts.
  5. Volunteer leaders spend thousands of hours to create the curricula captured in books to share with others; they are exceptionally modular, scalable, portable, and interdisciplinary, enabling students to understand connections among different scientific fields and how they relate to their own lives.
  6. InnoWorks develops and evaluates novel adaptations of cutting-edge research by cognitive neuroscientists and educational psychologists as the foundation for creating versatile curricula and mentoring techniques to accommodate and challenge the specific learning preferences of each and every student.
  7. By helping students harness their learning strengths to overcome difficulties, learning becomes more profound and enjoyable.
  8. In the low-stress, collaborative InnoWorks environment, students are very willing to take intellectual risks and open their minds.
  9. The exciting experience of being on a college campus with their mentors and the can-do learning attitude generated by InnoWorks inspired many to enthusiastically express a new desire to go to college.

Our vision is for InnoWorks to provide exciting educational opportunities for all students across the world. We intend to maintain relationships with InnoWorkers for life, inviting them to join InnoWorks as junior and then full mentors. If our mission is achieved, InnoWorks communities everywhere will be self-perpetuating, with each leadership generation nurturing the next, connected by a common goal to improve society.

Your donation is appreciated by everyone at InnoWorks - the students, mentors, staff, universities, communities, and other sponsors. We will provide you with a tax deduction receipt with our Tax ID number and recognition for your generosity. Please make your checks out to:

United InnoWorks Academy
10221 River Road
# 59025
Potomac, MD 20859

Thank you,
From the Entire InnoWorks Family

InnoWorks is a Winner of the 2007 BRICK Awards