United InnoWorks Academy (UIA)
InnoWorks Science Education Division (IW)

The following core principles are the cornerstone for all InnoWorks programs. All recognized InnoWorks chapters must agree to diligently follow and actively pursue these principles. Any violations of these tenets may be grounds for the revocation of a chapter’s good standing and termination of all chapter activities, or a member’s privilege to participate in InnoWorks activities.


UIA is dedicated to the promotion and improvement of the academic, athletic, and leadership skills of students.


To develop innovative extracurricular educational programs for students from disadvantaged backgrounds with the purpose of inspiring lifelong enthusiasm and confidence in learning, improving problem-solving and teamwork skills, and promoting science and engineering as exciting career paths.


We are committed to making a positive impact on our students, communities, volunteers, and the world. We want to create opportunities for all youth to benefit from our programs regardless of their circumstances. We are dedicated to providing an enjoyable working and learning environment for all of our volunteers and to help them become responsible, forward-thinking educators, leaders, and social entrepreneurs. We want to not only reduce the so-called achievement gap between the rich and poor, but to bring all students to a higher level of achievement.


The goals of InnoWorks are to:

  • Provide students from disadvantaged backgrounds with opportunities to explore the real-world links among science and engineering disciplines,
  • Promote teamwork, enthusiasm for learning, and career interests in science and engineering,
  • Utilize cutting-edge neuroscience and educational research to develop mentoring and pedagogical methods that build problem-solving skills and student confidence,
  • Harness higher-education expertise to benefit youth and foster the development of synergistic relationships between universities and communities, and
  • Develop opportunities to inspire volunteerism, passion for service, and entrepreneurship in college students to prepare them as tomorrow’s educators, leaders, and role models.

InnoWorks is a Winner of the 2007 BRICK Awards