Officers and Staff

Misha Raffiee
2013-2014 Director, 2013 Co-Deputy Director, 2012 Chief Funding Officer
Misha Raffiee is a senior at Caltech double majoring in Bioengineering and Business more >>

Jihoon Lee
2013-2014 Co-Deputy Director
Jihoon is an undergraduate student majoring in Bioengineering at Caltech coming from more >>

Chaitanya Malladi
2013-2014 Co-Deputy Director
Chaitanya is currently a sophomore at the California Institute of Technology. He more >>

Prastuti Singh
2013-2014 Chief Funding and Logistics Officer, 2013 Chief Logistics Officer, 2012 Mentor
Prastuti Singh is a senior at Caltech majoring in Physics. She has been involved more >>

Stephanie Moon
2013-2014 Deputy Funding Officer
Stephanie is currently a freshman undergraduate at Caltech majoring in Mechanical more >>

Vansh Kumar
2013-2014 Co-Chief Curriculum Officer
Vansh Kumar is currently a sophomore at Caltech. He is double majoring in Applied more >>

Bianca Ray Avalani
2013-2014 Chief Recruitment Officer
Bianca Ray Avalani is a freshman at Caltech studying astrophysics with a minor in more >>

Winnie Wang
2013-2014 Co-Chief Curriculum Officer
Winnie Wang is a rising senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in more >>

Spiros Michalakis
2012-2014 Faculty Advisor
Spiros grew up in Greece, where he developed an interest in mathematics through an more >>

Debra Tsai
2013 Co-Director, 2012 Co-Deputy Director
Debra is currently a sophomore undergraduate student at the California Institute more >>

Monisha Dilip
2013 Co-Director, 2012 Co-Chief Curriculum Officer
Monisha Dilip is currently a junior at Caltech. She is majoring in biology, with more >>

Neeli Mishra
2013 Co-Deputy Director
Neeli Mishra is a junior undergraduate at Caltech. She is a bioengineering major more >>

Max Horton
2013 Chief Financial Officer
Max Horton is a Junior Physics major at the California Institute of Technology, with more >>

Chaitanya Malladi
2013 Deputy Recruitment Officer
Chaitanya is a freshman undergraduate at Caltech planning on studying biology or more >>

Juan Ocampo
2013 Chief Recruitment Officer
Caltech’s Chief Recruitment officer is Juan Pablo Ocampo, but most of his friends more >>

Ketaki Panse
2013 Deputy Chief Financial Officer
Ketaki Panse is currently a junior at Caltech. She is majoring in Neurobiology with more >>

Nikita Sinha
2012 Director
Nikita Sinha is a junior undergraduate student at Caltech. Upon graduating, she more >>

Marvin Gee
2012 Co-Deputy Director
I am an undergraduate junior at Caltech studying biology with a focus in the premed more >>

Conway Xu
2012 Co-Curriculum Officer
Conway Xu is currently a sophomore undergraduate at Caltech studying biology. Upon more >>

Sandhya Chandrasekaran
2012 Co-Recruiting Officer
Sandhya Chandrasekaran is a junior undergraduate majoring in biochemistry. Aside more >>

Aneesh Acharya
2012 Co-Recruiting Officer
Aneesh graduated from Boston University in 2010 with a BS in Biomedical Engineering. more >>

David Carrega
2012 Mentor
David has recently graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering more >>

Tony Wu
2012 Mentor
Tony is an undergraduate senior at Caltech studying Mechanical Engineering. Tony more >>

Eric Wang
2012 Mentor
Eric Wang is currently a junior undergraduate student at Caltech majoring in Electrical more >>

Iryna Butsky
2012 Mentor
Iryna is a rising junior studying Astrophysics at Caltech. After receiving her B.S. more >>

Juan Pablo "JP" Ocampo
2012 Mentor
My name is Juan Pablo Ocampo but most of my friends call me JP. I'm an undergraduate more >>

Arnav Mehta
2011 Director/Chief Curriculum Officer
Arnav Mehta is currently a first year medical student in the combined MD/PhD program more >>

Anthony Linares
2011 Chief Administrative Officer
Anthony is a recent graduate from Pomona College, where he majored in Chemistry. more >>

Neelroop Parikshak
2011 Chief Information Officer
Neelroop Parikshak graduated from Rice University in 2007 with degrees in Biochemistry more >>

Shiruyeh Schokrpur
2011 Chief Operations Officer
Shiruyeh Schokrpur is a first year medical student in the MD/PhD program at UCLA. more >>

Jacob Aptekar
2011 Chief Funding Officer
Jacob Aptekar is an MD/PhD student in the UCLA/Caltech joint program. Born in Denver, more >>

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